The Company

We can take on any construction development, big or small. With a dedicated, versatile team of skilled plasterers and labourers, competent and able to work at a pace that suits your schedule of works.

A new company, which was born from the experience of generations of plasterers. Made up of traditionally trained tradesmen, with over 30 years experience.


This is the processing and application of gypsum powder to a prepared surface, prior to the decoration stage of a construction project. It leaves a flat surface leaving a clear palette for your interior designers and decorators to work with.


Creating a quality finish to a room, using a smooth, curved transition for wall to ceiling. We can supply and fit all types, including re-moulding original cornice.


Protecting the main elements of your home, that over time become worn. We will apply the best available wall coatings to protect and prevent premature damage.


Using sand, cement with mixed in fibers for extra strength , perfect for areas you intend to install underfloor heating.

Dry Lining

Applying plaster board to walls and ceiling, in preparation for plastering. It adds extra insulation to any construction project.